“A person is a person no matter how small”

– Dr. Seuss

Compassion in Action

Hello and Welcome

I am Eleanor and I offer hope, help and love to mothers-to-be, women who are thinking about abortion. Women who are afraid and believe that abortion is the answer to their problem.

I usually meet young women and men as sidewalk counselor outside of Planned Parenthood in Boston, Massachusetts.

Avoid regret

I encourage women and men not to rush in to “get it over with” and then live with regret forever. A mother can still work, go to school fulfill her dreams and still be pregnant. The challenge is there, of course.

I empower women to rise to the responsibility. In my 13 years as a counselor, I have received many, many calls telling me “thank you, my baby is the joy of my life!” or “I am so happy that you stopped me that morning before I went into Planned Parenthood.”

God honors birth and I can help you.

What can I do to help you?

I invite you to become aware of all the support that is available to you. We will surround you with love and practical support. I encourage women and men to come to our safe center, investigate how we can help, and see the ultrasound (there is no charge). I try to educate. Most women and men don’t know that DNA is formed at the moment of conception – that the baby’s heart starts beating at 21 days. Also, brain waves are operating at just ten weeks.

My Focus

I am a mother and grandmother of six. I care about the women first and foremost. They are my main focus. They are in trouble with life defining decisions and I want to help them. I am also the voice of the unborn. The unborn have no voice. Every child desires a birthday – not a deathday.