“A person is a person no matter how small”

– Dr. Seuss

Compassion in Action

Hello and Welcome

I am Eleanor and I offer hope, help and love to mothers-to-be, women who are thinking about abortion. Women who are afraid and believe that abortion is the answer to their problem.

I usually meet young women and men as sidewalk counselor outside of Planned Parenthood in Boston, Massachusetts.

Eleanor Testifies in Ketanji Brown Jackson Hearings

From PBS News Hour

Eleanor McCullen, an anti-abortion activist, delivered testimony in opposition of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s nomination, on the final day of the Senate Judiciary Committee’s Supreme Court confirmation hearings.

McCullen, who was the plaintiff in case about buffer zones around abortion clinics, said Jackson, in an amicus brief on behalf of abortion clinics, “maligned pro-life sidewalk counselors” and characterized them “in ugly and false ways.”

Avoid regret

I encourage women and men not to rush in to “get it over with” and then live with regret forever. A mother can still work, go to school fulfill her dreams and still be pregnant. The challenge is there, of course.

I empower women to rise to the responsibility. In my 13 years as a counselor, I have received many, many calls telling me “thank you, my baby is the joy of my life!” or “I am so happy that you stopped me that morning before I went into Planned Parenthood.”

God honors birth and I can help you.

What can I do to help you?

I invite you to become aware of all the support that is available to you. We will surround you with love and practical support. I encourage women and men to come to our safe center, investigate how we can help, and see the ultrasound (there is no charge). I try to educate. Most women and men don’t know that DNA is formed at the moment of conception – that the baby’s heart starts beating at 21 days. Also, brain waves are operating at just ten weeks.

My Focus

I am a mother and grandmother of six. I care about the women first and foremost. They are my main focus. They are in trouble with life defining decisions and I want to help them. I am also the voice of the unborn. The unborn have no voice. Every child desires a birthday – not a deathday.