10 Pro-Life Books on Abortion Worth Reading

Knowledge is power, right? To be a credible pro-life activist, you need to know what you’re talking about. People will trust you only if they trust that you are sharing the truth. Reading pro-life books is a great way to learn more about our movement. In 2013, resolve to learn more and read a few of these books!

Window to the Womb

Shari Richard takes her 23 years of medical expertise, and her video, Ultrasound, Window To The Womb, across the nation. She relates that 90% of the mothers considering abortion who become visually aware of the person-hood of the unborn children through ultrasound, choose life for their children. This video was shown at the UN Conference of Population and Development in Cairo, prompting world leaders to change their view on abortion and the unborn.

Silent Scream

The Silent Scream is a 1984 anti-abortion educational film directed by Jack Duane Dabner and narrated by Bernard Nathanson, an obstetrician, NARAL Pro-Choice America founder, and abortion provider turned pro-life activist, and produced in partnership with the National Right to Life Committee. The film depicts the abortion process via ultrasound and shows an abortion taking place in the uterus. During the abortion process, the fetus is described as appearing to make outcries of pain and discomfort.